Are you looking to help the Cheshire Food Pantry?
Here are some great ideas courtesy of Connecticut Foodshare.


  1. Denim or Dress Down Days
    Upon obtaining permission from management, employees pay $5 to dress down for a day. For an added bonus, ask upper management to pay double and/or match the donation. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to raise money in the workplace.
  2. Department Challenges
    Have different departments challenge one another to see which can bring in the most food for a food drive. To make it easier and more fun, count by number of the same items, and come up with a theme by day, such as Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday, Water Wednesday, Cereal Thursday or Peanut Butter Friday. Keep a running tally posted in visible areas. Offer a pizza party or breakfast to the winners.
  3. Helping Hands get a Hand
    Ask employees for $1 or $5 each. To show off their generosity, they can write their name on a paper hand and proudly display it on their cubicle or office. Or they can be posted in the lunchroom or break room to show true team spirit!
  4. Host a Classic Raffle
    Ask for donations or get a great gift donated and give raffle tickets to each employee who gives 5 or 10 cans of food or gives $5 or $10. The more food or funds donated, the more tickets they get!
  5. Sacrifice the Boss
    Ask the boss to give herself or himself up for charity! For example, if your employees can raise X number of dollars for or X pounds of food, the boss will (shave/cut their hair, buy lunch for everyone, give everyone an afternoon off, etc.).
  6. Canned Food Sculpture Contest
    Divide up by departments or families, have each group collect cans and make a sculpture. The winning team gets lunch or ice cream. Be sure to keep the labels on the cans! We can’t accept food without labels.
  7. Guess How Many…
    Fill a large jar with virtually any item (maybe something that ties into your business?) and charge employees $5 (or 5 canned goods) per guess. The winner gets the jar, so make sure to fill it with something good!
  8. Ice Cream Social
    Sponsor an afternoon ice cream social and ask for a $5 suggested donation (or 5 cans of food).
  9. Bake Sale
    Everyone loves a bake sale. Ask employees to donate cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. and then sell them.
  10. Game Night
    Host a game night at the office or at someone’s home to play Bunco, Poker or any other game. Make it a potluck and ask for a $10 donation to The Cheshire Community Food Pantry to participate.