Cheshire Community Food Pantry is different from many food pantries because it uses a client-choice model in which clients are allowed the freedom to select their own groceries. This model provides food subsidies to low income families in crisis, while nurturing their ability to be independent and take control of their life.

Not only do we offer nutritious food, we also try to carry paper goods, personal hygiene products, and many other items. We are focused on helping the family as a whole and because of this we offer children under 12 a birthday bag for their special day, winter coats for school age children as well as back to school supplies and clothes. We also coordinate with a local church to organize Christmas gifts for anyone under 13 as well as toiletry items for teens.

If you are interested in partnering with us on any of the above programs, or need assistance for your family we encourage you to contact our Executive Director, April Duquette, or 203.699.926 Ext. 103